Fruitful Rewards

These tropical fruits grow in our garden… There may not be much, but they’re very rewarding :)

“Keep on sowing your seed, for you never know which will grow — perhaps it all will.” (Albert Einstein)


Barangan (Banana), this species are common in North Sumatra

“Is a muslim plants a tree or sows seeds, and then a person or an animal eats from it, it is regarded as a charitable gift (sadaqah) for him.” (Bukhari)

Rose Balsam and The Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds is a photography concept that puts the subject of the photograph off-center, which usually results in blank space in the rest of the image.

I took these pictures on our daily afternoon walk with my daughter around the neighborhood.

Back when I was a child, I like to play around the neighborhood, looking for unique and playable things such as rocks, and plants of any kind. Thank God, I never got the poisonous ones.

This plant below is called Impatiens balsamina or rose balsam or garden balsam.

It’s a plant common in southern Asia, like Jakarta, Indonesia, my home city.


What’s unique about this plant is that the ripe seeds capsules can go pop! with just a little poke.. I never knew what this process called until I read the wikipedia, this seeding process is called explosive dehiscence..


It comes in many colors… The ones grown in my neighborhood area are pink and white… Pretty flowers, I always took the ripe seeds capsules for play with my daughter, and eventually plant them in our garden…


Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV (Framing)

An unusual Point of View.. Well, this is an interesting idea in photography.. :-D

I do like taking photographs from an unusual point of view, eventhough my pictures aren’t that interesting.. Hehehe.. This is my entry for this week’s challenge..


My father, while praying in the musholla.


Kitty in the wall.. ^_^


At Mekarsari Waterkingdom, Bogor, West Java

Well.. Have a nice day, everybody.. ;-)