What I Got From Giveaways ^___^

Blogging is one of my hobby. I can write about how I feel, what I see, what I hear, what I think, everything, just by the touch of my fingers on the keyboard. What made it more special, is meeting new friends, and of course giveaways! Yeay!

Currently, I’m managing 3 blogs. This one is in english, to practice this second language of mine. And my two main blogs are in Indonesian, one of my own and the other I write for my little princess.

I like writing posts that I submit to blogger contests and giveaways. To this day (from March to June, that is), I have won 5 giveaways, and I made this post to thank all my blogger friends who have sent me their giveaway gifts.

First, is Lydia Fitrian, Masbro and Elsa. They made a giveaway for their children’s birthday (and Masbro’s birthday itself). And my post that I write about my experience going through gastroscopy, has made me one of the winners.


Children’s fancy things.. A bag, a children’s song CD, etc.. Thank you Sis Lidya, Masbro, and Elsa. 😀

Second, I won a AirinHandiCrabby photo contest giveaway. I submit a photo that I took of a cat family near my home. AirinHandiCrabby is an online shop that sells handycrafts made of felt. Ani and Ririn, are two talented undergraduate college student who lives in Makasar, Indonesia.

Third, I won a giveaway from Dhe. She wants us to write about the meaning of the name Dhe, so I wrote this post, a version of mine for the name Dhe. Dhe is a blogger friend who lives in Bali. She sent me a cook book about Gulai. Hmm.. My favorite!


Thank you for the pencil holder and handphone pouch, Airin.. And thank you for the cook book, Dhe.. 🙂

Fourth, I won a photo contest giveaway from Pakde Cholik. Pakde, is a senior blogger. He’s a talented writer too. He manages so many blogs, I never got to visit each one of them everytime he posts. Pakde Cholik is one creative person. He made a photo contest, and the contest’s theme is Srikandi, especially made for female bloggers on Kartini’s Day.. (If you happen to want to know about Kartini and Srikandi, you can click the link).

Pakde Cholik has publish a book, which he sent to me as a gift.


“How To Be A Wise Person” is Abdul Cholik’s book. Thank you for the book, Pakde.. 😀

And fifth, just recently I won a giveaway made by a Samarinda blogger, Kakaakin. The writing theme is about aroma and the memories it brought. I wrote about Pine Trees Aroma, and the memories they bring everytime I smell the aroma. Kakaakin sent me a Cool ‘n Smart Blogger T-shirt, and Amplang (that is, a type of Indonesian fish crackers, originally from Samarinda). My daughter Vania loves Amplang so much, she ate half of the package all by herself.. Hahaha..


Thank you for the T-shirt and Amplang, Kakaakin 😀

Above all, knowing my blogger friends is what makes this blogging thing is a blessing! Thank you, my friends.. 🙂



Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves (At The Museum)

These are curves in my perception.

ImageAn ancient chandelier.

ImageThe bedroom of Dewi Sri (Goddess of Rice).

After harvest the rice must be put in this room. Left overnight. And the day after that, there will be a ceremony to thank the Goddess of Rice for that harvest.

ImageThe thing used for Bull racing.

All pictures here are taken at The Museum of Indonesia, Central Jakarta.

Small Reunion At Kafe Betawi


Last week I had a small reunion with my college friends. It’s been a while since the last time I met them. If the hustle and bustle of everyday life got into my nerves, usually I contact my friends, and ask them to do some window shopping, or have some cullinary adventure, eat at some place we’ve never been before.

We met up at Kafe Betawi, that’s located in Cilandak Townsquare, South Jakarta. This is the first time we had lunch at this restaurant. Several times before, we always see this restaurant full at lunch or dinner hours. A full restaurant is what makes us curious. Does the food really tastes that delicious?

This Kafe Betawi is one example of the successful traditional Betawi restaurant in Jakarta. I love the decoration. I feel myself drawn back in time to the old Jakarta.

Betawi Home Decor

Betawi Home Decor


Cincau.. Or grass jelly (see: wikipedia)

We were offered two choices as sweeteners to add to the Cincau Drink.  Sugar syrup, or palm sugar. We chose palm sugar. It’s the right choice. The cincau drink tastes very delicious.


I ordered this drink. Having sekoteng at noon, in the middle of Jakarta.. Isn’t a good idea. See: Sekoteng.


And this is my lunch! Ketoprak. ^_^


That’s my friend’s dish.. Gado-gado and es campur.

Overall, the dishes tastes delicious. The price here ranges from around IDR 20.000 to above.


Me and my college friends. I miss you, guys! 😀


We should meet again some other times… ^_^