Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic (Becak)


I love nostalgic images. That’s why I like taking snapshots. It’s my way to preserve my memories. I wish I had my photos back when I was a child. Every school holiday I go stay at my Grandma’s house, and wherever I go, I would use becak as my mode of transportation.

In Jakarta, my city, becak is becoming very rare. The above image is me, my daughter and my aunt riding a becak in Jogjakarta. The photo above is taken by my Father. Well, I think this photo challenge’s credit goes to my Father then. 😀

Today, my Grandma had passed away. But the memory of her is still in my mind. I can’t help showing off this photo, because it reminds me so much of my childhood, and my Grandma. So wonderful memories.


14 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic (Becak)

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      • Wah, pas lebaran saya malah mudik ke Jawa, Mbak. Met puasa, mohon maaf lahir batin ya Mbak. Moga2 Ramadan tahun ini membawa angin perubahan positif dan keberkahan untuk kita semua.

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