Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece (Religions in Indonesia)

The word masterpiece made me think of the beautiful architectures of the houses all over Indonesia. For this post, I want to show the buildings use for praying in Indonesia. A mosque, a church, a temple, and a pagoda. The Muslim people, the Christian people, the Hindu people, and the Buddha people, we are all still living in harmony, here in Indonesia. Hopefully, until the end of time. Love, peace. Insya Allah. 🙂

ImageThe Grand Mosque of Al-Mashun. Located in the city of Medan, North Sumatra. And its history (picture below).


ImageThe next picture (above) is a picture of the Shwedagon’s Pagoda Replica. Located in Berastagi, North Sumatra.

ImageNext, is a picture of a Catholic Church. Belonging to the Karo people (a clan of North Sumatra origin).

ImageAnd the last picture, is the famous Hindu temple, Candi Prambanan. Located in Central Java.

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