Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge – Liquid

This is the first time I tried a black and white version of food photographs…


Cakwe with chilli sauce.

Cakwe is one of Indonesian snacks, it is fried breadsticks, eaten with spicy chilli sauce. One of my favorites.

This snack originated from China, brought to this country by Chinese travelers a long time ago.

Fruit punch on a hot day.

Wedang ronde, glutinous rice balls with sweet ginger broth.

And wedang ronde is also one of my favorite dish, this is one of Indonesian traditional drink that originated from Java.

It is made from glutinous rice balls filled with sweet peanuts, and hot sweet ginger broth.

Tastes so good for a cold rainy day… 🙂

And of His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the diversity of your languages and your colors. Indeed in that are signs for those of knowledge. (QS. Ar-Rum 30 verse 22).

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Have a great day, my friends. 🙂


Tumpeng, an Ephemeral Food Art

As a person who uses English as second language, the word ephemeral is a new vocabulary for me. And something kind of hard to visualize, too.

But thanks to Krista, she gave some easy examples, like leaves floating, children smiling, or even food. So, in my mind I imagine food presentation as a work of art that only lasts for a very short time.

To me, making tumpeng is always a work of art.



In Indonesia, tumpeng is more popular for birthday celebration than a birthday cake. Tumpeng is also an important dish in important events (like the grand opening of a store, etc), or religious ceremonies (like the birth of the Prophet Muhammad).

Tumpeng is a national dish of Indonesia. 

The dishes surrounding the tumpeng usually resembles balance. Something from the land (chicken, beef, eggs), something from the sea (fish), and vegetables.

The tumpeng also has a philosophical meaning. Tumpeng is a symbol of gratitude to God (that’s why it’s pointing upwards).



We made this tumpeng for our father’s birthday celebration.

This isn’t really an ideal kind of tumpeng. The ideal kind of tumpeng does not have fruits on it.

We made this out of whatever food we have at home. 😀

We have scrambled eggs, beef curry, beef floss, fried tofu, fried sweetened tempe, fried chicken, and grapes.. 😀



I always hope this tradition will never die… 😀

It’s one of Indonesia’s cultural proterty that I’m so proud of… 😀


Small Reunion At Kafe Betawi


Last week I had a small reunion with my college friends. It’s been a while since the last time I met them. If the hustle and bustle of everyday life got into my nerves, usually I contact my friends, and ask them to do some window shopping, or have some cullinary adventure, eat at some place we’ve never been before.

We met up at Kafe Betawi, that’s located in Cilandak Townsquare, South Jakarta. This is the first time we had lunch at this restaurant. Several times before, we always see this restaurant full at lunch or dinner hours. A full restaurant is what makes us curious. Does the food really tastes that delicious?

This Kafe Betawi is one example of the successful traditional Betawi restaurant in Jakarta. I love the decoration. I feel myself drawn back in time to the old Jakarta.

Betawi Home Decor

Betawi Home Decor


Cincau.. Or grass jelly (see: wikipedia)

We were offered two choices as sweeteners to add to the Cincau Drink.  Sugar syrup, or palm sugar. We chose palm sugar. It’s the right choice. The cincau drink tastes very delicious.


I ordered this drink. Having sekoteng at noon, in the middle of Jakarta.. Isn’t a good idea. See: Sekoteng.


And this is my lunch! Ketoprak. ^_^


That’s my friend’s dish.. Gado-gado and es campur.

Overall, the dishes tastes delicious. The price here ranges from around IDR 20.000 to above.


Me and my college friends. I miss you, guys! 😀


We should meet again some other times… ^_^