Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above


I took this photo at my aunt’s house..

I want to introduce Kitty to my almost-5-year-old daughter.. Having a furry pet, is a new thing for my daughter, since we don’t have any.. We only have a tank of colorful fish at home..

Kitty seems to put interest in us, who stand around her, staring at her.. But a couple of secondsĀ  later she lost her interest and get back to doing whatever she’s doing… Lazy cat! Hehehe..


This female cat is my aunt’s.. I had stopped taking cats as pets since my last one past away… Anyway, I feel that these days, the living cost for a cat is much greater than that of a human being… The doctor fee is more expensive.. The shampoo also.. Wew!

In Indonesia, it’s a bit ironic if one had so much to give to a cat, because there’s so much poor people unable to eat living nearby.. Wallahu’alam..

But the happiness they bring is irreplaceable… They’re sooo… cute!